2005: Application Engineering Reports:


Surface treatment of silver-plated wire:
Loose metal particles and drawing residuals on silver-plated wire, e. g. for medical applications, cause problems during following production steps. Using a Helicord device NB55 and a dry Helicord, we achieved a cleaning performance significantly better than ultrasonic cleaning.

Cleaning steering conductors:
For military use of single-wire steering conductors, a minimum length of faultlessly insulated wire is required. Using Helicord, these requirements can be met more reliably than before. The amount of substandard products was decreased significantly.

Cleaning of high frequency communication and coaxial cables:
Copper deposits in the extruder nozzle often cause insulation faults of high frequency communication and coaxial cables. Using Helicord, the required minimum length of faultless insulation was achieved and no blow-out occurred during 8 hrs. production time, which had not been accomplished by any other technology so far.

Application of anti-corrosive lubricants on steel wire:
Rust and oxidation may decrease the windability, particularly of non-alloy steel welding wire. When lubricated with anti-corrosives (e. g. wax), rust-resistance may rise up to 400 %. Thick layers don’t absorb any dust, and the lubricant doesn’t diffuse into the filling of cored wire.

Cleaning aluminum wire for the food industry:
After drawing, aluminum wire to be used by the food industry has to be cleansed of drawing residuals (mineral oil) and should be lubricated. Using Helicord, residuals were decreased to 1 mg/m² and a wax-based lubricant was applied.