2007: Internal memo concerning the application of PTFE-dispersion, e.g. Teflon® to insulated conductors.


Conventional release agents adhere very poorly or not at all to the surface of wires and insulated impregnated conductors. When conformal coating with resin, coils made of these conductors, usually a very strong adherence of the insulation to the resin occurs. If such a coil gets bent or twisted, the insulation may break, so that the coil becomes damaged or even useless.
This can easily be avoided by applying a PTFE-dispersion to the wire surface, using strong friction and an apt metering device. The water evaporates or is wiped away by the cord, the polymer is burnished onto the conductor surface, adhering to it very strongly. There will be no more adherence to the resin, and durability of coils will increase noticeably.

The coefficient of friction of aluminum wires could be improved from 0.35 to 0.11, the coefficient of cables with polyurethane insulation was enhanced from 0.5 to 0.3.