2012: Welding Wire Finish HELICORD® W – NB37F001


Impregnated braided cords for removal of loose particles and simultaneous application of additives to improve feedability, corrosion protection and arc stability.
HELICORD® W are flat textile cords containing yarns that are impregnated with extractable materials for welding wire finishing.

The extractable materials are used as finish for the wire surface, with the exact kind of material and quantity being adjusted to the different requirements of various types of welding wire.

They improve the properties of welding wires with respect to feedability, corrosion resistance, welding properties and arc stability. HELICORD® W was designed for application by HELICORD® process supported by use of an extraction liquid. Herein, they differ from the wax and additive oversaturated earlier developments (NB35V00x) which are extractable by heat and friction. The special advantage of HELICORD® W is the possibility of running them opposite to the wire run direction, due to liquid extraction. Thus, loose and loosely adherent particles and scales from the drawing process or other preceding process steps are thoroughly removed. This improves the properties of welding wire regarding life time of the liner and contact nozzles. For application of HELICORD® W products, the HELICORD®-machine models NB57 and NB58 or especially NB57W and NB58W (process zone follows the traverse of the winder) are required.