Fine Wire Lubrication

Lubrication for Fine and Ultra-Fine Wires

Fine wire lubrication

Fine wire lubrication

  • No solvents – no crazing
  • Heated guide rollers assist lubricant transfer
  • Lubricant dosage easy to calculate and to adjust
  • Continuous monitoring of the process by control of yarn movement and wire position

Application Zone for fine wire

Application Zone for fine wire

Issues with Older Versions of Fine Wire Lubrication

Wire getting trapped under the yarn on heated pulleys causing

  • kinks,
  • elongation, and even
  • wire breaks

Lubricant quantity not calculable due to drip loss of wax from the heated pulleys.


Correct string-up

New HELILUB® Setup for Fine Wire Provides

  • Good consistency
  • Low coefficient of friction even with small lubricant quantities
  • No kinks
  • Neither elongation nor wire breaks
  • No solvent attack to the enamel
  • Precisely calculable lubrication due to the elimination of drip loss