HELICORD® in cable industry

magnification of dust

Magnification of dust and spikes

  • Removal of copper dust after the rod drawing machine, especially before the resistance annealer in order to protect all following steps from contamination by copper dust
  • Cleaning of conductors before the extruder head from dust and spikes for solid wire and strands up to 30 mm e. g. for very thin insulation, high frequency cables, antenna cables, communication cable, high voltage submarine cables
  • Cleaning of plastic-insulated conductors before the second extruder cover for winding wire of submarine pumps, e.g. on oil platforms
  • Cleaning of copper tubes before the extruder for submarine fiber optics
  • Application of very thin PTFE-coating on insulated conductors as anti-adhesive and release agent (replacement of talcum powder)
  • Application of insulation-compatible waxes on bare strands for adjustment of insulation adhesion
  • Cleaning of conductors before enamelling
  • Cleaning of superconductors as preparation for enameling or plating
  • Removing lubricant from an enameled superconductor
  • Cleaning of protection steel tube for fibre optics
  • Removal of faulty prints from cable surface
  • Removal of drawing lubricants from superconductors before annealing
  • Cleaning of superconductor surface after intermediate annealing