• Application of lubricant by wax-impregnated cellulose yarn looped around the magnet wire
  • Lubricant is dosed by the calibration of the yarn.
  • Installation preferably directly at the exit of the enamelling oven
  • Lubricant is melted, then polished onto the wire surface by the speed difference between yarn and wire.
  • The lubricant is extracted from the lubricating yarn.
  • Dosage can be adjusted for application in the range of 6 to 200 mg/m2.
Principle of the HELILUB Process

Principle of the HELILUB Process

Why magnet wire lubrication?

  • Improves windability of wire
  • Protects wire and insulation against damage
  • Increases production speed
  • Protects winding tools
  • Increases density of winding
  • Facilitates inserting the wire into the winding slot



  • Precision lubricant dosage
  • Even distribution
  • Constant supervision of the lubrication
  • Easy mounting
  • Horizontal and vertical wire run possible
  • Consistent sliding properties due to intense polishing of the lubricant
  • Usable for hermetic motors and sealed relays
  • Also for cold wires
  • Low consumable consumption: yarn speed only a few cm/min