Test Unit for Determination of Hydrocarbons on Wire Surfaces

Enclosure, IR-spectrometer, computer for evaluation and color laser printer

Hydrocarbons (CH) can influence the surface properties of wire and its processing considerably. Therefore the knowledge of type and amount of organics on the wire surface, either contaminations or functional coating, is important for manufacturers of wire, subsequent processors and industrial end-users for quality assurance.

More simple infrared measurement systems applied in the wire industry work with a fixed wavelength and only allow the quantitative determination of a specific hydrocarbon based on the calibration set in the factory.

In contrast, the test unit presented here records the full spectrum in the MIR range:

  • either in the transmitted light through a cuvette containing the measuring solution
  • or optionally by an „ATR“ unit in total reflection at the wire itself or by a wipe on a suitable CH-free medium.

Amount and type of pure hydrocarbons on wire surfaces can be determined by suitable computer-assisted analysis. The determination of mixtures of CH or additions of inorganic components is limited.

Two configuration data sets with the associated calibration curves for the IR spectrometer are delivered with the CH test unit for the quality-ensuring determination of the amount of known hydrocarbons. They enable even non-professionals to successfully operate the machine by following an easy-to-understand measuring instruction.

The CH test unit converts the determined concentration of the solvent on the basis of the entered data and prints it out in terms of the amount of lubricant per square meter of the wire surface.

The test unit provides the following additional features like for example:

  • extension of the library of IR spectra included in the delivery
  • setup of customized libraries
  • computer-supported substance identification by comparing spectra (with references created before) in the libraries
  • Method setup for substance specific quantification
  • diverse functions for spectra editing and evaluation

Included in the delivery of the test unit are:

  • worktable with dust cover (with ventilation hook-up)
  • FTIR-spectrometer (measuring range for wave numbers of 375 – 7.500 cm-1) with
    • Transmission unit with holder for cuvettes
    • 10 mm quarz cuvettes set
    • 5 ml pipette
    • test tube holder
    • 200 pieces test tubes
    • configuration data sets to determine the amount of a specific hydrocarbons
    • optional: ATR-unit
  • computer with Windows 7 operating system and preinstalled software for spectra evaluation
  • spectra library with organic substances frequently used in the field of welding wire
  • measuring standards (BE standard 151, BE standard 154, BE standard 156) for quantitative and qualitative determination of substances
  • color laser printer
  • analytical scales
  • dosage pipette
IR-spectrum: CH absorption used for evaluation

IR-spectrum: CH absorption used for evaluation