Boockmann Engineering GmbH celebrates 40th company anniversary

June 30, 2023

On Friday June 30, 2023, Boockmann Engineering GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.

In the late afternoon, the factory doors were opened to employees’ families and invited guests – most noticeably the mayor of the municipality of Bad Bocklet – for a company tour, during which employees of Boockmann Engineering showed their workplaces and explained their jobs.

After the company tour. a total of more than 80 guests and employees met at the suitably decorated local gymnasium for dinner. Senior CEO and founder of the company Gerhard Boockmann and his son and on of the current CEOs Dr. Kai Boockmann briefly addressed the audience before opening the buffet. A mediterranean buffet and regional beer (as well as other options in drinks, of course) were enjoyed by all. Entertainment for the children present was also well provided for.

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