2021: Article in “Wire & Cable Technology International”

Review on Solventless Magnet Wire Lubrication by Means of Wax-Impregnated Textile Yarn.

“Mechanics of Magnet Wire Handling – Imagine an enameled wire, which is pressed to a plane with a load Fz, the friction force to overcome in order to move the wire is a function of Fz. For dry, solid sliding surfaces, the friction force is independent of the speed v of the movement, which is also true for wires lubricated with wax or wax-like materials. Lubrication with oil or grease results in viscous floating, which is dependent on the speed of movement.”…

New: Dust discharge

HELICORD® machines can now be equipped with a dust discharge. It continuously removes debris from the process zone during production in order to minimize the required cleaning effort for operators. We recommend it particularly for applications where large amounts of contaminants are removed from the wire surface.

2020: New Cascaded Three-step Wire Washing Machine

What makes it special?

Many types of wire and similar products, due to their surface structure and quality requirements, make the use of substantial amounts of solvents inevitable. Our newly developed wire washing machine is based on our well-established HELICORD® technology with multiple 360° contact between the wire and cleaning medium, consistent quality of the cleaning medium, and therefore consistent cleaning efficiency. To all that, it adds the best features of conventional washing tanks filled with large amounts of organic solvents or other cleaning liquids; but the integrated treatment and circulation of the cleaning liquid used provide significant decrease of cleaning liquid consumption.

Boockmann Engineering information material now available in new comprehensive form

After years of fiddling around with a large number of separate files and papers, Boockmann now issued the first version of a complete catalogue / “HELICORD 101”. This booklet is handy in size and has all the information you need in order to find out which solutions we can offer to you – find the full file here: BE1714EN_20190613

default-pic 2019: Inauguration of new production hall

In July 2019, Boockmann opened their new 800 sqm production hall which in future will house production of textile HELICORD and HELILUB consumables, in order to be able to fully satisfy increasing customer demands.

2019: Fully equipped HELICORD

NB57W with heating and 2 metering pumps is on its way to becoming the new industrial standard for versatile Welding Wire Finishing

Heating and two metering pumps allow using the same machine with different finishing cords and liquids for different wire types while minimizing changeover time an effort.

2019: HELIFIL NB59 now available with enclosed process zone.

HELIFIL NB59 now has an enclosed process zone which allows connection to an external ventilation system, e. g. for exhaustion of VOCs for safety reasons when using solvent-supported processes

default-pic 2019: Dancer-controlled Precision Cross Winder for Flangeless Cone Spools

Task:   Possible cost savings by winding strands (textile yarns, threads and braided cords as well as wires, litz wires or cables) as flangeless inherently stable delivery spools on cone cores.



Cross winder for flangeless cone cores with the following features.

  • Dancer-controlled winding up to 10 m/min
  • Winding tension can be set at the operator’s touch Display
  • µ-processor-controlled precision cross winding – traversing step can be set at the operator’s touch display
  • Separate drives for winding and traverse range
  • µ-processor-controlled
  • Mechanically robust stepper motors
  • Winding parameters can be stored as recipes
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