The HELILUB® process is based on the application of lubricant to the surface of magnet wire by an impregnated cellulose yarn, wrapped around the wire several times and moved slowly in the direction as the wire.

Principle of the HELILUB® Process
Principle of the HELILUB® Process
HELILUB machine

The amount of lubricant applied is controlled by the calibration of the yarn and polished onto the wire surface by the yarn tension and speed difference between yarn and wire. The lubricant is extracted from the lubricating yarn using the wire temperature after the enameling oven. The lubricant quantity applied can be calculated from the difference in weights per meter of the lubricating yarn before and after the process.

HELILUB® offers the possibility to apply a large variety of lubri­cants, even high melting or insoluble ones, and to easily calculate and adjust the lubricant quantity.

Various machines and yarns are available for different applications, e. g. for installation on warm wire directly after the enameling oven, for cold wire, or for fine and ultra-fine wire.

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