HELIFIL machine for surface treatment


HELIFIL HELIFIL is the little brother of HELICORD® using the same basic principle. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of small diameter wire production lines, where limited space is available and low forces are sufficient. HELIFIL machines therefore are small units suitable for friction forces of up to 30N only.

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HELILUB machine


HELILUB® The HELILUB® process is based on the application of lubricant to the surface of magnet wire by an impregnated cellulose yarn, wrapped around the wire several times and moved slowly in the direction as the wire. The amount of lubricant applied is controlled by the calibration of the yarn and polished onto the wire

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HELICORD® machine for surface treatment


HELICORD® Following the priniciple of our logo, the HELICORD® prinicple is based on friction between a fast-moving wire and a textile cord wound around wire, strand or insulated cable mulitple times, moving rather slowly under push-pull-controlled conditions. This creates a multiple 360° contact between aa constantly renewed cleaning medium (i. e. the cord) and the

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