NewLoopingUnit 2017: New Looping Unit for NB59


The new design allows easier adjustment and maintenance, and thus saves valuable working time. Please contact us for technical details or if you wish to see a demo unit.

helifil 2016: New HELIFIL NB59

Since the commercial launch of the new HELIFIL product line
in the first half of 2016, several machines have been successfully
implemented in industrial applications.

Multi Wire Cleaning Machine 2016: New Multi Wire Cleaning Machine available

Will be displayed at Wire Düsseldorf 2016

Field of application:

Cleaning off or application of release agents as well as other functional substances to wire for strands with an individual diameter of 0.1 to 0.8 mm, thin rectangular shaped wire, flat conductors and metal strips. Materials can be steel, copper, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals. The wire or strip can be bare or metalized.

NewHelilubDevice 2016: Redesigned HELILUB® model
  • suitable for all VD factors
  • applicable for the same wire spacing as former HELILUB® devices
  • less slippage, no formation of loops or tightening due to active yarn supply
  • easy yarn setup
  • applicable also for cleaning of bare wire of small diameter (up to yarn tension of maximum 6 N)
NewDesignedMainUnit 2015: New HELICORD® Main Unit

HELICORD® machines now delivered with new Main Unit

  • improved user friendly design
  • easier maintenance due to modular design
  • more robust construction
  • stainless steel casing
Neuer Motorblock 2015: New design of motor block for HELICORD® out now

Redesigned HELICORD® motor blocks are now commercially available.

The new design Features
– simpler cord setup,
– significantly reduced risk of cord slippage on capstans,
– a more robust construction,
and is downward compatible with HELICORD® models 2013 and newer.

default-pic 2015: Changes in Management in January

Annedore and Gerhard Boockmann, founders and associates of Boockmann Engineering since 1982, retired from their positions as Presidents, but will continue to serve the company as consultants. Their status as associates remains unchanged.

Melanie Gutmann, head of Manufacturing, was given procuration. She has been with Boockmann since 2001 and, in her new position, has extended responsibility for the whole company.

Dr. Kai Boockmann will remain CEO. His sister Michaela Boockmann, who has been with Boockmann in Sales since 2007, also took over responsibility as CEO.

Corrosion protecting Skim-Pass Lubricant for copper-coated welding wire 2014: Corrosion protecting Skim-Pass Lubricant for copper-coated welding wire NB10H038

The copper layer of both chemically and electrolytically copper-coated welding wire needs to be compacted by a final drawing step using oils or dispersions as lubricant. The viscosity of our water-dilutable skim pass lubricant can easily be adjusted for specific requirements in order not to destroy the weak adhesion between copper and iron.

An important manufacturer of copper-coated welding wire prefers our product after comparative testing, due to the evaluation and sent us following report and pictures:

“The wire drawing lubrication by using NB10H038 oil is good, and have a bright surface, the copper layer is dense, strong anti-corrosion ability.” (excerpt from conclusions, “Test report of wire polishing oil”)